In this Christmas Healing Audio Experience we will be activated and attuned to the healing rays and energies of the Holy Family. We will be using the violet ray of St. Germain, who was St. Joseph in that lifetime, to clear out all old hurts and pains to be able to fully receive the sacred Green Ray of healing and forgiveness from Mother Mary and the Red and Gold Ray of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We will also have a special guided meditation to walk the path of the Wise Men to the manger and receive a blessing from the Baby Jesus, and then walk through the streets of the etheric Jerusalem with Him as a man. We will also listen to a very special T’was the Night Before Christmas blessed with the Love of Saint Nicholas Himself! So listen to this very special 1 hour and 53 minute holiday healing experience with your family, friends, and “Christmas crystals” and join us for "A Christmas Healing with the Holy Family!"

Christmas Healing with the Holy Family Program Audio Recording 1hr53min