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The "I AM Project" is now part of a Masterclass Series! TOPIC: Scared Travel


FREE Audio - Listen for free to an audio class recording of a guided meditation to Mt. Shasta, California

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I have recently returned from a Sacred Journey to Mt. Shasta, one of the seven chakras of the earth. I am now in the process of editing hours of video of meditations, healing techniques, and channelings from this most Sacred Site. Below is a FREE Audio Class Recording of a Guided Meditation of a "Quantum Hike" taking an ascending trail to Sacred Heart Lake at the foot of Mt. Shasta.

FREE Video - Charge Your Crystals with Lemurian Light at the waters of Sacred McCloud Falls, Mt. Shasta

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Below is a FREE 10 min video from sacred McCloud Falls, Mt. Shasta, California. In this video, we will charge our crystals, and ourselves, with Lemurian Light, and receive several messages from our Lemurian Brothers & Sisters, and Master St. Germain of the Violet Flame.

FREE 30 min Audio Class Recording Guided Meditation to Mt. Shasta with Gregory