2022 is all about the New Earth Energy!

*Attention all Lightworkers! Mother Earth's cosmic path through the universe has Her now travelling through higher fields of Divine Light. This means we must re-attune ourselves to these higher vibrations to bring ourselves into balance and harmony at this time in our, (and Mother Earth's) journey into Ascension!

January 23rd


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Activating & Encoding the Power of the Archangels in the New Earth Energy

January 23 – 10:30am-5pm - $95 - Offered through Circles of Wisdom

Teacher: Joan Ruggiero, M. Ed, Holy Fire Reiki Master

Our world is currently in a state of change, and we are sitting on the edge of an evolutionary shift in consciousness where people are waking up and seeing the power and grace of spirit within.

Working with the Archangels through you for healing is about embracing the grace of potential within and choosing to be the change you wish to see within the world. As you embrace the power of the Archangel elements through you, you are free to move beyond your limited states of awareness. You are free to shatter your old paradigms and create for yourself a heart-based consciousness.

Invoking Archangel vibrations through you is a conscious form of healing that honors the divine perfection of spirit, the source energy within you. You are not a victim to circumstance, nor a casualty of illness but rather a pulsating spark of creation that is empowered to heal from within.

In this awakened state of being, ill-health is not seen as something to fear but rather understood as a sign of imbalance in the energetic/physical bodies via your chakras. Illness thus provides an opportunity for deep inner healing to occur as you raise the vibrational template of your chakras up to their full potential and move beyond your current level of consciousness.

With the new energy coming in at this time we must explore new ways to encode the powerful energies of the Archangels. In this workshop we will re-attune ourselves to our 13 chakra energy centers from our Earth Gateway Chakra of Archangel Sandalphon all the way up to our 13th Divine Chakra Gateway to Archangel Metatron. This will also bring us into alignment with the Archangels of the ‘Tree of Life’ which will also be encoded within us as we move through this process and receive healing on all levels of our being.

February 6th


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Ascended Masters are highly evolved Spiritual Beings who have lived on Earth. They faced the same challenges we face today, completed their earthly journeys and Ascended into the Divine Light. Today they serve as Teachers from the Higher Realms. They guide, protect, inspire and heal us. They seek to bring Light into our hearts and minds as we move onward to fulfil the purpose of our lives.


Ascended Masters are our Brothers and Sisters of Light who have moved further along the path and Ascended into Light and now serve us as “Spirit Guides.”

They have evolved to the point that all of us can contact them and ask for the help we need. These “Master Guides” have been through what we’ve been through, so they know what we are going through now, and exactly how to help us.


They know the earthly life and all of its challenges because they have been human just like us. In fact, you could even call them our “much older” brothers and sisters of Light whose service is now, and always has been to humanity, and now that they are beyond the limitations of the earth realm, they are quite powerful friends to have, within our family of Light. And though they are of great Love expansion, no problem of ours is too small for them, nor too big, for their care and kindness knows no bounds…and they are always listening!


To contact them it helps to have a meditation practice, so, during this course we will learn meditation techniques that will help us make contact and receive messages and guidance. Through the practice of meditation we will also activate our ability to tune into their vibrational frequency and “attune ourselves” to their Light, helping us to heal powerfully in their Light, and we will experience this in the course as well.


We will work with a “Council of 16 Ascended Masters”. We will learn about each of these 16 Masters and be encoded and attuned vibrationally to each of them. Each Ascended Master has their own particular quality and “specialty”.


Example: Quan Yin is the Mother of Compassion. When we attune to her vibration, she will open and heal our hearts to discover Compassion within.


Example: Serapis Bey works with those souls on the path toward their Ascension. He resides within the ‘Halls of Amenti’. The Halls of Amenti are deep within the Astral Planes of the Earth. When one is accepted into the Halls of Amenti, they will be given instruction along their journey.


Example: Lady Portia: helps those who want to balance ‘head and heart’. Lady Portia offers grace to those who need help releasing thoughts that no longer serve them.


This Workshop will be the first of more Ascended Master Classes and will be referred to as ‘Ascended Master Level I’

February 20th


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The 7 Elohim are Mighty Beings of Love and Light. They are known as the Creator Gods, the builders of form, and as such, They have given us the 7 steps of precipitation to manifest that which we require and desire. These are known as: ‘The 7 Laws of Manifestation of the Elohim’, and anything and everything that we wish to manifest for ourselves, whether it be material/physical, emotional/mental or Spiritual follows the same process, as we all operate from the same Cosmic Universal Book of Law.


So it would seem that understanding these laws and how to work with them, as well as encoding the vibrations of the Elohim with the NEW EARTH Energy that is here for us at this time, is vitally important for our abundance and manifestations for 2022 and beyond. This is what we will be doing in this 1-Day Workshop.


Our solar system and our planet have been formed by the Elohim working with these Universal Laws. So have we. And as a Lightworker and Co-creator, we follow the same procedure for our creations as the Elohim. As we Receive our Attunement to each of the 7 Great Elohim, and the 7 Sacred Rays of Light they work with, we will begin by invoking the Sacred Holographic Vibration of the Flower of Life as this is the pattern of all creation…including us! By working with the Flower of Life as a holographic sphere of Light, our manifestations immediately take on sacred form and begin to attract higher Light to our manifestations, and the building of our creations begin in the NOW…and continue to form as you work with the techniques offered in this class! *Bring a manifesting journal and ideas!


For example, in this workshop, we will begin working on Ray I, the Blue Flame of Divine Light. This is the Ray of Divine Will. The Divine Light of our Attunement that we will receive from the Elohim of Divine Will, “Hercules & Amazonia”, provides the energy to examine any obstacles that delay our endeavors to receiving that which we require or desire. We will then release and transmute those obstacles into the Light using techniques learned in class, Divine fires of transmutation, and the Activations of Elohim Energy within us as we Allow the Divine Light of the Elohim to support us in the manifestations that serve us and our highest good in our Ascension process, and in our earthly lives, NOW.


What do you ‘Will to manifest’ in your life at this time? We will see it as a ‘Divine Design’ to benefit you and your world, and it shall be done!

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March 5th

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March 26th

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