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*Listen to founder Alton Kamadon

Alton Kamadon and"Imagine"
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The Melchizedek Method was brought through by Alton Kamadon, a powerful channel and healer from Australia, under the direct guidance of the Egyptian Healer, Thoth. It uses both sacred geometry and healing holograms of Divine Light to activate our Merkabah Field of Light, our Ascension Lightbodies, and our own powerful healing and manifesting abilities. There are 5 levels in all to this incredible healing modality.

The Melchizedek Method uses the holographic nature of Divine Light to heal. Using healing holograms in the pattern of the Flower of Life enhances this healing. When the Flower of Life pattern is manifested by us as a holographic sphere to be used in our healing, the universe responds. The whole universe was born through this sacred sphere. It is the sacred symbol of unconditional love. Our DNA, RNA was born through this holographic pattern. The finest particle of our atomic structure has this pattern within it. When we manifest these holograms, and thought project them into activation, they clean, clear, and heal – releasing all lower energies which do not serve us anymore into the Divine Light for transmutation. These same holograms may then call in the higher healing Light to fill the space.

It is also quoted by the great Egyptian Healer – Thoth, that thoughts are the essence of human creation, so it would also seem that thoughts are your medium of travel, manifesting, and healing. One thought is as powerful as the whole universe. One thought, One mind, Unity Consciousness. One thought can manifest into an illness or disease. One thought can erase it. And that the power of your mind knows no limit. We use the power of our thought intention to not only heal ourselves, but also to power-up our Merkabah field of Light, which surrounds us, to take us into astral and interdimensional travel to meet the Divine Beings of Light for our Lightbody activation, Lightwork guidance, and to simply to be “in that Light!”

We will have guided meditations that are all included with the course and also a manual and certification. We also have question and answer times, and times for sharing experiences as well in a group setting, which is very helpful when we have those spiritual questions, as we all do. 

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*Melchizedek Method Level 1&2

*Dates TBD...Contact Us for details 

(email Joan or Contact Us if interested)

Here's what people are saying...

"I began studying the Melchizedek Method with Joan about ten years ago and was struck by the power and energy of that intro class. I couldn’t believe the magnitude of love and support that quickly filled the room as she began the session. I was new to energy work, had never felt or knew anything like that was possible. I had just finished learning reiki with another teacher, but this was much more powerful, that even I, very new to energy work; could feel it.

That class ignited a spark that has continued to support and assist me in my personal life, as well as in my role as a community based social worker. After that first session, I eagerly took every class that was offered. I’ve continued to study with Joan, and now learn from both she and Greg in their monthly Ascension classes.

The energy that flows thru each class is powerful, completely loving; and activates healing and

transformation on multiple levels. Their teaching has helped me to find and maintain a connection to Source through multiple teaching modalities from the Great Masters, nature, and the science of

quantum physics. What I used to understood on a conceptual level is now more readily available to me as a “felt sense.” This helps guide my actions, build awareness; helping me to notice the power and effect of “choice upon myself and others. Joan’s classes helped me incorporate these tools into my clinical work, enabling me to work with less emotional and physical fatigue than previously encountered in a full day of therapy sessions.

I’m forever grateful, as their teaching has supported my coping and enabled me to assist a large

caseload during this pandemic. I have an internal anchor and practices that protect me from burnout during these unprecedented times. Learning from Joan and Greg has continued to expand my awareness, taught me to really be able to “ground”; which has been a lifelong challenge! I’ve been able to open to greater depths of self- awareness, and really begin to understand the transformative power of self- compassion. The energy Joan and Greg transmit in their teaching is pure, from the Heart of Source, and has the power to raise your consciousness, open your heart, and unconditionally love yourself. Their work really does help you to understand how to heal ourselves and our world."       - Cindy


*Melchizedek Method Level 3

 *Coming Up! June 3,4 & 10 (3-Days)  

(email Joan or Contact Us if interested)

*Melchizedek Method Level 4

*Dates TBD...Contact Us for details 

(email Joan or Contact Us if interested)


*Melchizedek Method Level 5

*Dates TBD...Contact Us for details 

(email Joan or Contact Us if interested)

*Melchizedek Method Teacher Training

Dates: TBD (3-Days)

(email Joan or Contact Us if interested)

*This Course is for Level 5 Graduates only. It is a thorough review of all Levels of the Melchizedek Method and allows you to become a certified Teacher/Facilitator of the Melchizedek Method (if you wish.)

*Many Level 5 Students take this course as a re-activation of the energies of all levels and to review and power-up their practices.

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